New Year’s Eve shouldn’t be about the fancy perks


New Year’s Eve is an annual event usually celebrated with family, a few drinks and is filled with unbelievable good times. However, New Year’s also comes with a few inconveniences. This celebration seems to have created an illusion that in order to have a good time and ring in the New Year the right way, you must fork over a hefty budget for your outing.

Unfortunately, while being overwhelmed with trying to create the perfect New Year’s night, we sometimes forget the realities of the holiday and the agony experienced during the process of planning this night.

Even with the connections or money spent, you still cannot be guaranteed a good night because even with VIP, bottle service and connections to the club or bar manager, you can still be stuck waiting in the cold. Local places that previously required no cover all year round seem to ask for a charge that rivals high- end clubs in Toronto and those high-end clubs in Toronto seem to enjoy raising their prices excessively merely for their sheer amusement. Going out on New Year’s is a personal choice, however I feel people should consider the cons when making their decision.

Even after the crazy club or bar and the unbelievable amount of alcohol consumed, we usually wake up beside our close friends reminiscing over the outrageous things that had taken place last night.

These good New Year’s Eve memories weren’t memorable because of where you were, what you were wearing or how prestigious your VIP booth was, but those good times happen because of those crazy loyal friends you spent the night with.

We have all done it, stressed over having the best New Year’s filled with reservations to a high-end club, arriving by limo and wearing that exquisite outfit that might have cost us weeks of searching. Those friends and family who catered to you throughout the past year are who should be present as you enter the New Year. It is important to realize that having an amazing New Year’s doesn’t always involve the extravagant perks. In the end the idea of joining some of your “acquaintances” merely because they had decided to go all out, will not guarantee you a good time.

By all means if you can afford it and are able to drag your close friends with you, then I suggest going all out. But for those who seem to stress about what is considered to be an appropriate New Year’s, you should rethink what is more important, either being with those you care for or having that luxury of feeling like a celebrity for a night.

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