New WLUSU AVPs hired

April Bannerman
AVP: First year experience

Experience: Executive for Laurier Students for Learning, ice breaker and head ice, legal resources

Unique quality: “My ability to adapt to different situations and approachability. Those were things that I really respected about the outgoing AVP. I saw the ability he had to adapt to anything that was thrown at him, and I recognized the importance of that.”

Main goal: “I think that a lot of us, when we get into second and third year, we forget how many challenges first-years have. And just making sure that all the resources that are in place to combat these challenges are available to first-year students. Specifically through the liason team and incorporating all of the different areas on campus, not just the students’ union.”

Liz Rowe
AVP: Campus clubs and faculty associations

Experience: Marketing director for Campus Clubs for two years, involved with L.U.C.K., and Shinerama.

Unique quality: “My experience. There have been a lot of changes to campus clubs and I have seen all of those changes and I think that will work to my advantage.”

Main goal: “I really want to work on strengthening the department. A lot of these changes we initiated this past year, so rather than adding more new things, I would like to work on solidifying these so that campus clubs can be the best that it can be next year. I also want to increase the visibility of campus clubs, so students are aware of all the volunteer opportunities available for them and increase communication between the club presidents and us, and vice versa.”

Bryan Szwarz

Experience: Ice-breaker for three years, winter carnival

Unique quality: “I think what really sets me apart from other candidates is my experience [with finances] from my co-op positions, preparing budgets, working within a corporation that has lots of competing goals.”

Main goal: “I want to maximize the financial performance of the union, so to make sure that all the different groups and committees are adhering to their budgets and there are no huge variances and any variances that do occur can be explained. I want to work more closely with the heads to make sure they are adhering to their budget. One of the problems in the past was a general lack of how a budget works, so I want to work with the group heads and make sure that doesn’t happen in the future.”