NDP support Liberal budget, spring election averted

The NDP decided on May 21 to support the Liberal budget. (Photo by Nick Lachance)

NDP Leader Andrea Horwath has announced her party’s support for the minority Liberal budget.

After nearly one month of questioning and negotiating the budget as proposed May 2, Liberals have made enough commitments for NDP to support the budget. NDP-suggested revisions include increased funding for youth employment programs and a decrease in auto insurance premiums.

Local MPP John Milloy commented on Horwath’s announcement of support.

“We came forward with a budget which I think reflected our values, but more importantly the values of Ontarians,” said Milloy. “I’m pleased that the NDP are supporting it for the same reasons.”

Much opposition to the minority budget is found in the cancellation of gas plants that is expected to cost upwards of $585 million. In hopes of sparking an election, the Tories have offered no support of the Liberal budget, stating that the gas plant expenses are cause enough.

“I’m disappointed that the Conservatives announced that they would not be supporting the budget, and before they even read it, I think,” added Milloy.

“I give credit to the NDP for being so engaged in this,” he said.“The message we’re sending is ‘roll up your sleeves and get to work down there at Queen’s Park.’”

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