Music faculty represented correctly


Re: “Music faculty consistently neglected,” Letters to the Editor, Jan. 6

I have been a student a Laurier now for five years, and I consider myself proud to be studying music at such a fine institution.

Laurier’s music faculty boasts talented staff and students and without my studies here I could have not become the musician that I am today.

However, it has been made apparent to me from my involvement within the music faculty and WLUSU that music students don’t necessarily want to become involved in the larger university community.

This is why ‘letters to the editor’ that feature music students complaining about the lack of mention or involvement in their activities surprise me. To me, it seems like music students are content to remain in the Aird building by themselves within their own small cliques of other music students.

While there are obviously exceptions to this, music students care little about learning about WLUSU governance and how it effects them, attending student-run activities, or becoming involved on a campus that is teeming with opportunity to meet new people and learn new skills.

Music students, when was the last time you supported an initiative of another faculty or voted in a WLUSU election?

Why should other people attend our concerts, or even hear about them when if we don’t reciprocate? To me, the music faculty is just as represented in the Cord as any other faculty.

It would be silly to ask for more, and I applaud the Cord for attempting to satisfy music students in their selfishness even when they sometimes get composers’ names wrong.

–Roger Chabot

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