Meghan McCain’s controversial remarks about the effect of firearm control on violence

In the 23-season premiere of The View on Sept. 3, Meghan McCain made waves with a controversial statement.

The panel of five women were discussing the mass shooting that happened in west Texas when McCain claimed that she would not be living without her guns.

Later in the episode, she said that if people are talking about taking people’s guns away from them there is going to be a lot of violence.

All I can say to that is this — what about all of the violence that is currently happening because of access to guns?

She sat on a panel discussing a mass shooting that killed people and stated that violence would increase if people did not have guns.

The mass shooting that was being discussed was conducted by a man who purchased his AR-style rifle through a “loophole”, as Whoopi Goldberg said.

The gunman obtained the weapon through a private seller, meaning that he did not go through a federal background check.

The shooter had also tried to purchase a gun legally but he was determined to be mentally unfit.

The comment made by McCain about taking away guns that will cause violence strikes me as very ignorant.

The ladies are discussing a mass shooting that killed seven people and injured 22 more, and McCain is saying that if guns are taken away violence will ensue?

I think in this situation, she needs to step back and really think about what she is promoting.

Violence is already happening every day in the United States due to the accessibility of being able to purchase firearms illegally and not having stricter gun obtainment policies in effect.

Although I am not pro-gun, I do agree that taking away every person’s gun is very unlikely to happen with the political climate in the States right now.

Therefore, I think that Canada has a good approach when it comes to buying guns. In Canada, all people need a license to own or buy a firearm, and to do that they must pass a series of firearm safety tests. Guns are also not allowed to be concealed or openly carried outside of the home.

These two factors alone are something that I think helps to control firearm violence in Canada.

To make a comment about how violence will come from taking away guns seems to steamroll past the facts. That guns are causing not only violence, but violence on a larger scale than at any other time in history.

When the second amendment was drafted, the firearms that were available were not able to shoot multiple people within seconds.

The firearms they had during that time would require the user to reload before shooting the next person, potentially limiting the amount of casualties.

Everyone easily having access to a gun is what has caused 12 mass shootings in the United States in 2019 alone. As a result of these 12 shootings, 200 people were either killed or injured.

These numbers are public and are talked about at length on prime-time television and people still make comments saying that guns are the most important thing to them; this is basically saying their right to own a gun is more important than another person’s right to live.

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