McMullan’s Pub ready to reopen

It’s been almost a year since Chuck McMullan has been allowed to step inside his pub — and he’s frustrated with the delay.

“Check your insurance policy,” McMullan warns the public as he reflects on a challenging year.

McMullan’s Pub and Grill House, located at 56 King Street North, was one of many businesses put on hiatus after a storm snapped a series of roof trusses last year, damaging the building’s main frame.

McMullan's - Will 2 ONLINE
Photo by Will Huang

Today,  Night School and The Thief and the Idiot also occupied the building and are hoping to reopen this summer.

However, when asked about why the construction took almost a year to complete, McMullan had a much different sentiment.

“Currently I have filed a lawsuit against my insurance company,” he said.

According to McMullan, following the structural damage of 2013, he attempted to contact Beacon Underwriting Ltd. and Aviva Canada to file an insurance claim and get started on fixing the damages.

He has yet to hear back from either.

“The insurance company on behalf of the landlord and all tenants in the building have not responded in any way, shape or form,” he said. “They have not responded in any sort of communication either, whether it be hardcopy or electronic.”

“It’s almost as if we didn’t exist.”

As such, McMullan and his team have resorted to getting the roof of 56 King fixed on their own dollar. He would not disclose how much money he put down to fix the property.

The lawsuit McMullan has filed is requesting full compensation for the cost of reconstruction. He estimated it would take up to five years to get it sorted.

Neither Beacon Underwriting Ltd. nor Aviva Canada were able to give comment when The Cord reached out for an interview.

McMullan was also disappointed in the local government which he claims was notably absent when his business was going through the ordeal.

“The building collapsed and not a single government organization has provided any sort of assistance whatsoever.”
50 people were put out of work as a result of the building’s closure.

As for the status of the reopening of McMullan’s, the City of Waterloo Bylaw has granted access into the actual building.

“If you deliver me beer tomorrow I could be open tomorrow night,” McMullan laughed. “The entire inside of the facility is good to go.”

The problem now resides in the rest of the building getting full approval. Specifically, the fire alarm system at 56 King has yet to be installed.

McMullan could not put an exact date on his business’s reopening when asked for a timeline. “I can’t answer that question,” he said.

Another hurdle to overcome, it looks like McMullan’s might just have to wait a little bit longer.


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