Mayor delivers final State of the City address

Photo by Heather Davidson
Photo by Heather Davidson

Mayor of Waterloo Brenda Halloran delivered the annual State of The City address at RIM Park last Friday, focusing mostly on the city’s finances.

She also updated Waterloo on the various projects and pursuits that the city has taken under her administration.

“For me personally, one of my favourite projects has been the supportive housing of Waterloo, building apartments for homeless people,” Halloran said.

“Another was getting the skate park built for our kids, adding to our outdoor facilities,” she continued. “In addition, getting our uptown square built, making a focal point for our uptown core.”

“There’s a lot that I’m proud of.”

Another key message was about local steps taken to improve environmental initiatives in Waterloo. The city is moving towards its goal of reducing carbon emissions six per cent by 2020, while still pushing for economic growth by encouraging new infrastructure development and small business growth.

Halloran has been Waterloo’s mayor since 2006 and was re-elected in 2010.

However, she has decided not to run again for mayor in this fall’s upcoming election. Instead, with eight months left to go in her term, mayor Halloran is finalizing her administration’s current projects and looking forward to leaving the city in good shape for the next mayor.

“We’re focusing on finishing the term’s projects off and ensuring that the next person who steps into the mayor’s chair finds everything put together,” she shared.

“We’ve got a lot of projects in the midst of being developed. Hopefully there will be one big announcement within the next month.”

The State of the City also included a special guest speaker, Ryan Jobby, who was the city’s mayor of the day.
Jobby, a local fifth-grader was one of many local students who applied for the chance to shadow mayor Halloran for the day.

He said that as mayor, he would work on sharing his insights on the city as a local youth.

“Well, this is just one thing I’m going to remember for a long time,” said Jobby on his thoughts about being mayor for the day. “This is just the beginning of my interest in politics.”

Halloran shared her sentiments on her time working with the city as mayor and the legacy she will be leaving behind this fall.

“It’s been an honour and a privilege to be mayor,” said Halloran.

“I’m very proud of this community.”

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