Maxwell’s expanding to University Ave.


Maxwell's currently a plaza off of Regina St. (Photo by Ryan Hueglin)
Maxwell’s currently a plaza off of Regina St. (Photo by Ryan Hueglin)

Dooly’s Bar and Billiards located at 35 University Avenue East will have to bid farewell as Waterloo city councilors have granted approval for a site zone change to convert the pool hall into a concert auditorium.

Laurier Alumni Paul Maxwell, founder and president of Maxwell’s Music House, received approval Monday evening by city council to convert the popular pool hall into an auditorium, which will become a larger venue for his growing business.

Maxwell’s Music House was founded in May 2008, only one year after Maxwell graduated from the BBA program at Wilfrid Laurier University. The licensed music lounge currently located at 220 King Street has been the host to over 1,000 live music performances and hopes to accommodate many more with the addition of the larger venue at 35 University Avenue East.

Jeff Henry, city councilor for Ward 6 enthusiastically expressed his approval for the site change.

“It’s a venue that the community will really value; we’ve got a fantastic opportunity here.”

Though the business is still relatively young, it has certainly not gone unnoticed. Maxwell was awarded the Young Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2008 and for a second time in 2010.  The music hall has also been awarded the KPMG Award in Entrepreneurship in 2007, the Leading Edge Arts Award and K-W Arts Award in 2008, Arts Entrepreneur of the Year in 2009, and finally, the Best New Business and Junior Achievement Awards in 2010.

The councilors’ main concerns with the facility change were focused on the location’s ability to provide adequate parking at peak operating periods. Ryan Mounsey, manager of expansion and retention services in economic development at the city of Waterloo, explained that 55 per cent of the patrons would be estimated to be traveling by non-car modes of transportation, leaving 45 per cent to arrive by vehicle.

Dooly's is located at 35 University Ave. (Photo by Ryan Hueglin)
Dooly’s is located at 35 University Ave. (Photo by Ryan Hueglin)

“In terms of the existing building floor area the site specific bylaw establishes a maximum floor area of 850 square metres,” explained Mounsey. “The applicant requires 845 square metres in the existing Dooly’s Pool and Billiards section. The parking regulations establish a minimum of five spaces per 100 square metres. There is sufficient and additional surplus parking provided on the site that will be implemented through the site plan process.”

The city councilors voted unanimously to approve the zone change.

“It’s right in the heart of a very vibrant district that we’re trying to create in Waterloo,” said councilor Henry. “I look forward to seeing the fantastic acts that they are able to bring into this venue.”
Waterloo Mayor Brenda Halloran was also pleased by the council’s decision adding in closure, “We’re very excited to have this next phase of entertainment in our community. I can’t wait for the first show.”

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