Managing Editor

The Managing Editor requires good time management skills, strong leadership and the ability to work with a team. This salaried position requires the individual to be self-motivated and respectful of deadlines. Candidates for this position must convey an understanding of how The Cord operates. Finally, the Managing Editor is expected to have a grasp of the variety of writing styles featured in the newspaper in order to identify the needs of the different sections. Candidates for this position must: 

  • Assist the Social Media Editor with managing the Cord’s social media accounts (Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter when required). Posting and responding/authorizing messages on both accounts where applicable, making sure Instagram has a cohesive theme. 
  • Respond to emails from volunteers regarding signing up to volunteer and any queries, making sure all signed forms are sent to the EIC in a timely fashion and that backups are stored in their own designated folder. 
  • Correspond with the Cord’s team to answer any questions and help where required. 
  • Plan and run any on-campus boothing to recruit new volunteers. 
  • Assist the EIC with all campus-related connections, especially the Students’ Union. 
  • Write feature articles and fill in for other sections where required. 
  • Help the EIC with weekly meetings for the team, make sure team members are helping with volunteer recruitment and social media channels where applicable. 
  • Assist the EIC with editing articles. 
  • Show proficiency in social media, including but not limited to Twitter/X, Facebook, TikTok and Instagram. 
  • If needed, attend editorial board meetings and meetings with the Editor-in-Chief; 
  • Be a self-starter and comfortable with working on individual tasks. 
  • Assist the EIC with volunteer and staff training when required. 

When using social media in regards to The Cord or WLUSP, the editor is expected to conduct themselves in a respectful and professional manner.