Living an active lifestyle is essential for student health

The gym can be a crucial necessity for remaining active, relieving stress and maintaining a healthy routine throughout university. Incorporating fitness into your lifestyle is not only beneficial physically, but mentally as well. However, many students prefer lying on their couches in food comas to squats and deadlifts. Why is this the case?

The question we ask is the following: if president Barack Obama can maintain a healthy lifestyle, playing basketball and working out every day of the week, why can’t you? You’re not running a country. You’re not running at all. That’s the problem.

Countless students are lost within the unhealthy vortex of laziness. Working hard in school seems to give them a bypass to staying active. Sitting down each day, burning retinas on computer screens, slouching over textbooks and rapidly consuming 40 chicken McNuggets whenever you’re fresh out of groceries does more than surrender to an inactive routine of muscle atrophy — it slows down your brain as well. Along with your daily customs, your mind can very easily become sluggish.

So here’s the solution: prioritize exercise.

We understand the public domain of the gym is not for everyone. The environment can be found intimidating and daunting for those less experienced with working out. But finding a physical outlet that’s right for you is the best way to break out of your fears. This can range from whipping dodge balls at a friend to going for a swim. Finding what works with your schedule is the best way to accomplish your goals.

There’s the other solution: set goals.

Like striving for an A in a course, the only way to get yourself into an active lifestyle is to set physical goals for yourself that will push you forward and take you places that are far less comfortable than your couch.

Discussion in public spaces for working out is important to allow people to feel more comfortable and disarm feelings of being judged.

Whether you’re playing sports, dancing, going on a run or trying weight lifting for the first time, making the effort is the first way to achieve greatness in whatever you set out to accomplish. With all the pressures on the field, a little exercise is the best way to be on top of your game.

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