List of WLUSU candidates

The following students will be running the Wilfird Laurier University Students’ Union Annual General Meeting on Feb. 4.

Presidential candidates:

Sunny Chan
Third-year computer science (business admin option)

Lawrence Maclin
Fifth-year English and political science

Kory Preston
Fourth-year political science

Kyle Walker
Fourth-year geography

Reed Collis
Third-year economics and financial management

Board candidates:

Jonathan Collaton

Greg Evans (current director)

Ahmer Bhurgri

Kyle Hocking (current director)

Matt Mendonca (Third-year economics)

Chris Oberle (Third-year history and political science/current director)

Michael Onabolu (returning director)

Tom Papanastasiou

Jon Pryce

John Sampson (Second-year political science)

Rob Thompson (Third-year political science)

Chris Walker (First-year political science)

Seth Warren (First-year business)

Senate candidates:

Alishia Mallory (Third-year classics)

Omer Shah (Third-year philosophy and economics)

Chris Walker (First-year political science)

Board of governors candidates:

Omer Shah (Third-year philosophy and economics)

President of the School of Business Economics Students Society (acclaimed):

Aneesh Lal (Third-year business)