Life of an Introvert: Introverts in the outside world

(Graphic by Adele Palmquist).

You did not misread that title. Yes, the introvert steps out of the dark, damp and secluded hole she calls home and into the outside world where she hisses at the sunlight that burns her pasty, nearly translucent sun-deprived skin, crying out as she blindly makes her way… okay, this is too much.

No, that is not how I usually leave my apartment, sorry to disappoint! I’m just like any student — usually stumbling out into the outside world half asleep and in need of caffeine!

I thought for this entry I would go into detail about a couple things I have done outside of my lair which may surprise you. I’ll make a list. My life isn’t overly exciting, but I do laugh when some people seem shocked that I am able to do any of these things without hissing and crawling back shamefully to the bush from which I came.


Yep. That was not a typo! No, this is not a lie! I started modeling at 16 when I took classes (yes, that really happened) for modeling and acting for teen girls in Toronto. Though I was quiet I met some really awesome people. Plus, the instructors were super supportive and I had a lot of fun doing it. I did a couple photo shoots, but stopped after over a year. I’m not going to lie, I doubted myself. One audition I went to was meant for a music video — all we were told was that it would be on a beach and first we were set up with an interview. I walked in feeling good and saw everyone else was tall, super tanned (*cough*comes in a can*cough*) and I am 5’6 — with three inch heels on. I knew I wasn’t going to get the part, but I still went into the interview — though I was quiet I was able to talk and even crack jokes with the client which was pretty cool. If anything, the experience was still worth it. I got back into modeling when I was in first year at Laurier. I used to worry being introverted would hold me back, but I’ve always enjoyed modeling. Since getting back into it, I attended a convention and won second place in one of the photo competitions; have done more shoots and I know I will be doing more!

I’ve had a lot of people (even photographers) find it funny that I’ve done this, but modeling is something fun for me. I may be quiet, but I’m always up for trying something new — and why not a bit of a challenge? Another great way to meet people too, while I still find it can also be someone private as well which I like.


Like modeling, this also catches people off guard. Now, I’m not a crazy professional at either of these, keep that in mind! However, they are things I think are a great deal of fun! I enjoyed acting since elementary school, high school and when I got to do it again for Fr!nge at Laurier last year, I was ecstatic! I think acting is a great way to express yourself in a way you might not normally. Personally, I always dreaded school presentations. I am not the best public speaker however, the freedom of being on stage and what you can do with characters I think is what has always made me comfortable when acting. Regardless if you are introverted or extroverted, this is certainly something I think some fellow introverts can agree with me!

Of course, I am not going to tell everyone to load on the makeup, recite some Shakespeare or stumble down a runway if that is not your thing. The point is doing what you love and though, as an introvert (or maybe even as an extrovert) you may feel activities out there are limiting, just go for what you love at the end of the day. I played soccer and enjoyed that when I was in elementary school, and while ballet was so not my thing — I can’t even touch my toes — I have always found something else to keep me occupied.

I encourage any of you, my fellow introverts, who are interested in modeling or acting to try it out! There are many opportunities for people of all ages, heights, sizes. I am well under the height we all associate with modeling, so don’t limit yourself based on that or because you are a quiet person. It is possible! I’ve done it and there are others out there I can guarantee who are introverted as well!

Besides work and school, why not try something you’ve always wanted to do? Next time I will discuss some challenging, but great ways to have fun (maybe even active?!?!) that may be more introverted-friendly than you would have expected!

Until next time!

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