Library renovations a pleasant departure from the norm


(Graphic by Lena Yang)

The Wilfrid Laurier University Library has announced a number of improvements to the existing facility, including a new one-stop Help Desk, increased study space, extruded research support hours, and 365 new two-socket outlets throughout floors three to seven.  With students in need of study and workspace on campus, the Library felt the need to adapt to the twenty-first century demands of Laurier students.

After a long and responsible process of consultations with numerous stakeholders these renovations were done quietly during the summer to little fanfare, and students will reap the benefits immediately. These were changes that students needed badly, especially with the changes made to the Dining Hall. Thankfully, the library renovations were done in a timely manner, and the money spent went towards changes that were thought out and necessary.

In a post-secondary world of unnecessary spending, laughable renovation deadlines, half-completed projects, and a general disregard for real student needs, the library renovations have been a note-worthy exception and the most pleasant of surprises.

The changes made reflect a genuine and effective effort to address the Laurier community and an appropriate use of finances coming out the Library budget. Like any good renovation project, it was done responsibly, on-time, and for a purpose. Future project managers please take note.

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