Let them drink beer

Joining the Charcoal Group and King Street’s ever-expanding restaurant collection in summer 2012 is Beertown Public House, which will be located in Waterloo Town Square. Another location is also being opened this spring in Cambridge off of Hespeler Road.

Concept Manager Dan Maltar described the Uptown location as “amazing.” “All the restaurants are mostly on King St., and we love that about it,” he acknowledged.

“We think it fits in with everything.”

Although it will primarily serve as a restaurant, Beertown, described by Maltar as “a fusion of a pub-style public house and a New York … beer hall,” will also feature a wide beverage selection. However, similar to Martini’s, the name does not encompass the variety of the menu. He clarified, “There’s a beer base in it, that doesn’t mean it’s only about beer.”

Meal prices, though not fixed as of yet, will likely range from $15 to $25, which may include appetizers such as gourmet poutine and bread, or seafood entrées provided by a “chef-driven kitchen.”

The restaurant will be open for both lunch and dinner.

Beertown’s décor also promises to be unique.

A 90s retro feel contrasted with modern elements aims at “just having a fun place overall.” This atmosphere will be supported by the integration of TVs and a high-quality sound system.

What will remain consistent is the high standard maintained by Charcoal Group restaurants, an assembly which includes The Charcoal Steak House, Martini’s, del Dente, Wildcraft and The Bauer Kitchen. Maltar explained, “Just like the Charcoal Group does offer great service, a great dining experience and great cuisine, we’re going to continue that.”

While the name may suggest that the restaurant would only be appropriate for a drinking crowd, he assured, “We have something to offer for everyone.”
Families, students and professionals alike should be able to enjoy the Beertown experience.

Maltar concluded, “We are going to have exceptional hospitality, we’re going to have world class cuisine, and it is going to be the place to be.”

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