Laurier’s seminary turns 99

With all of the centennial celebrations, it isn’t easy to overlook Laurier’s historical roots. However, many fail to recognize the school’s religious history, beginning with the opening of the Evangelical Lutheran Seminary of Canada in 1911. Waterloo was chosen as the location for the institution, which was meant to preserve Lutheran doctrine and the German language as a result of the area’s large Lutheran constituency.

On Oct. 1911, after a ceremony at St. John’s Lutheran Church, approximately 3,000 people gathered on “Seminary Hill” for the opening of the Evangelical Lutheran Seminary of Canada.

At the time of its opening, one full-time professor, two assistant professors, one instructor and five full-time students attended the one-room school. The white brick house was home to the dean, stewardess, instructor and janitor as well as all the students, the refectory, general storeroom and lecture hall.