Laurier woman collects 2,800 Roll Up the Rim tabs

Cec Joyal only expected to collect 1,000 Roll Up the Rim tabs to donate to Out of the Cold.

Photo by Heather Davidson
Photo by Heather Davidson

So when the development officer at Wilfrid Laurier University reported in a release on May 6 that she had reached to date 2,855 rims, she was overwhelmed with support.

To date, she also collected 84 free coffees from McDonalds, $85 in cash – which she has used to purchase Tim Horton’s gift cards, 63 other Tim Cards and one rim for a $100 Tim Card, which has been sent to head office for redemption.

According to the release, Joyal will use the $100 Tim Card to purchase 20 more $5 cards and will give the guests at Out of The Cold the cards and free coffees when the program starts up again in November. Joyal collected 600 Roll Up the Rim tabs last year.

In the release, Joyal expressed her thanks to those who supported the cause.



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