Laurier wellness centre available for students 


the outside of the Laurier student wellness center
the outside of the Laurier student wellness center
Photo by Sadiya Teeple

Students looking for information or services regarding their health and wellbeing this academic year can turn to Laurier’s Wellness Centre. 

The Wellness Centre on the Waterloo campus is located on the second floor of the Student Services Building. 

Mondays and Wendesdays, the Centre is open from 9:00 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.  

On Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, the centre is open from 9:00 a.m to 4:15 p.m.   

“We recommend taking a proactive approach to your wellness, and learn about all the wellness resources available to you, and build your wellness skills, before you need them,” Sarina Wheeler, manager of Wellness Education, said in an email sent to The Cord.   

Students can utilize the Wellness Centre for services such as physiotherapy or massages as well as medical appointments, individual counseling and meetings with a dietitian.    

To book an appointment, either phone the Wellness Centre at 519.884.0710 x 3146 or visit during operating hours.  

Online booking is available for certain services listed on the Wellness Centre’s website.   

A valid health or UHIP card is required in order to book an appointment.   

Along with providing services to assist student wellbeing, the Wellness Centre also places emphasis on wellness education.   

“The Student Wellness Centre offers a variety of fun and free events and programming to help students take care of their wellness. The Wellness Education team offers workshops on topics like nutrition, sleep, anxiety, and stress,” outlined Wheeler.   

Throughout the school year, the Wellness Centre will be hosting events for students that promote mental and physical wellbeing.   

“Our team of volunteer Peer Wellness Educators run events where students can learn wellness tips directly from students. Our popular Nature Walk with Dogs, Fresh Fruit Friday, and Thrive Week programs are also returning this year,” mentioned Wheeler.   

This academic year, students can also earn their Wellness Education Certificate through the Wellness Centre. This is an incredibly useful certificate to hold.   

“Students can earn the Wellness Education Certificate by attending five Zoom workshops, it’s a great way to enhance your Laurier Experience Record while building skills,” said Wheeler.  “ … check out the Wellness Education webpage or Laurier Wellness on Instagram for all the details,” added Wheeler.   

Visit the Wellness Centre’s website for more information regarding services and booking appointments. 

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