Laurier offers new on-campus amenities for the Fall semester


It’s no secret that COVID-19 robbed many students of traditional university experiences. Thankfully, Wilfrid Laurier University’s Waterloo campus will offer a range of in-person services this semester, in accordance with public health guidelines. In addition to Orientation Week and some in-person classes, here are three of the amenities to look out for.  

New Outdoor Gathering Space

Laurier’s Alumni Field is home to a new outdoor space with picnic tables and benches to boot. 

“The students will dictate how that space is used,”  Ivan Joseph, vice president of student affairs said. “We hope they’ll say, ‘Let’s go there to hang out’ or ‘Let’s have a study session’ or ‘Let’s get underneath the tent, it’s raining’.” 

This could be a chance to enjoy campus sights reminiscent of a brochure — the space will be open all year if it’s well-received. 

“We’ll keep it up as long as the weather permits. If we see students are still there in the winter, then we’ll leave it up,”  Joseph said. 

Photo by Tim Harrison

Food Services

Frappuccino lovers will be glad to hear about the Starbucks on campus, which has been newly renovated. As the semester moves along, more expanded food services will open in line with public health guidelines. 

Notably, dining hall hours are now from seven in the morning to seven at night, with the full menu available. Safe to say, mid-day cravings and the fear of sleeping through breakfast are no longer problems.

Health and Wellness Services 

We’ve all been there; stressed and overwhelmed, with the last peaceful moment a distant memory. Both in-person and remote appointments can now be booked for counselling, and it’s worth a shot to help with those sleepless nights. The same delivery model is used for medical appointments, to support physical health needs. 

“What we’re trying to do is give students a choice,”  Joseph said. “Everything that we offer will be in person and it will also be online.” 

COVID-19 protocols remain in place for student and staff safety. 

“All across the university, we’ve got enhanced sanitation, cleaning and indoor masks policy,”  Joseph said. “The in-person activities are meant to do what Laurier is known for and create a sense of belonging, purpose and connection.”

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