Ladies like lots of meaningless sex too

Our generation of women have been brought up in the era of Ginger Spice’s “Girl Power,” Samantha Jones’s fabulousness and Angelina Jolie’s Billy-Bob-sex-in-the-limo-leather-pants-snake-tattoo days. These women have become icons in the eyes of the 20-something girl for their ball-busting feminist attitude.

Women with strong sexual influence have flooded pop culture and taken the front stage of controversy and success, but what does it mean to be a sexually empowered, arguably promiscuous woman today?

At university there are no parents to answer to, no walk of shame too embarrassing and copious amounts of sexual possibilities at every corner. Sex is easy at university, if not encouraged, but many girls still find their large kill counts taboo.

Promiscuity is difficult to define, as sexual experience is often relative to one’s situation and point-of-view. Religion, culture, age, status and maturity all come into play when considering sexual prowess.

However, the fact that female promiscuity comes with more negative connotations than male promiscuity is sheer ignorance.

Women can reside in two different categories when it comes to unattached sex.
Some women, due to lowself esteem and self-worth, partake in one night stands to fulfill emotional needs they are unable to access in healthy relationships. Because they are struggling with their identity, they seek out immediate interested partners; this becomes painful and damaging when those partners are solely interested in uncommitted relationships and sex.

Other women enjoy sex and do not have the time or concern for relationships. Everyone knows the double standard that exists between men and women when it comes to wanting sex for the sake of sex.

It is true that women can enjoy the physical component of sex without requiring the emotional attachment, just like some men require an emotional attachment to their sexual partners.

Furthermore, promiscuous women and men must take responsibility for their bodies if they become intimate with many partners by using protection, taking the pill and regular STI and HIV check ups.

There are also risks involved in having multiple partners that are more than just STI related.

Entering a stranger’s home, or leaving friends intoxicated with a new partner on a regular basis leaves one open to situations a lone female would not want to be in. Also, bringing someone back to your place may seem safer but has resulted in situations involving stalkers.

If you’re going to be participating in one night stands you have to do it responsibly. Make sure you are able to protect yourself by having a phone to reach friends, money to pay for cabs and the strength to voice worries and stand your ground.

There is a certain amount of sexual empowerment that comes with being a woman, as they are free to choose their partners and the level of intimacy. If a woman responsibly and maturely participates in sex then she should also be free to do so without feeling ashamed about herself.