KW’s low rank on immigrant experience needs addressing

Kitchener-Waterloo was ranked the fourth worst Canadian city for immigrants by an immigration law firm “Immigroup.” For an area like K-W, which prides itself on innovation, modernity and progressiveness, this ranking is rightfully causing some discomfort and self-reflection.

To address this survey, a balanced approach is required. K-W has to acknowledge the problem, as one certainly exists based on this ranking, but also recognize that the research informing the ranking is flawed and provides little insight into possible solutions.

There is no indication of who was targeted with this online survey, how many people responded or what type of information was requested by those carrying out the survey. In addition, it is unclear how the survey was marketed and whether a comparable number of people responded from cities across the country.

However, it should be noted that immigration and immigrant life in Canadian cities are issues that should be under constant evaluation, even if a discussion is sparked by a faulty survey.

Policymakers and public officials need to engage immigrants in direct, two-way communication in order to remain updated on the challenges faced by immigrant communities. Moreover, immigrant communities face unique challenges and consequently nuance is very important in avoiding a one-size-fits-all approach.

As for the survey, it is fundamentally a healthy exercise to seek out feedback from immigrants on their experiences in Canada. If a more thorough study can take place and provide more valuable data, it could be of great use to government in terms of focusing efforts and identifying problem areas.
-The Cord Editorial Board

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