KW in brief: Feb. 16, 2011

Rail transit debated

On Feb. 15, regional councillors erupted at each other and at planners in respose to the latest proposal for a rapid transit system.

According to the Waterloo Region Record, Cambridge politicians claimed that the planners were biased in their preference for train over buses. Regional council had previously supported trains in KW and rapid buses in Cambridge. The estimated launch cost has now reached $818 million.

–Compiled by Linda Givetash

Addict appears in court

Appearing in Kitchener before a judge on robbery charges, a meth addict told the court he couldn’t believe the crime he had committed. In Nov. 2010, Matthew Holmes, 28, burst into Romeo’s Hair Salon in an inebriated state. He demanded cash and when employees didn’t comply he forced a woman into a headlock. The accused had two failed stints in rehab on his record at the time of his court date. Holmes was sentenced to 100 days in custody and two years probation.

–Compiled by David Goldberg

Blue bin anniversary
Few people know that the blue recycling bins used by millions of Canadians today started in KW. The blue bins are celebrating their 30th birthday this month. The program started with 1,000 participants in 1981 and today is available to every residential address in the region. Last year the region collected 36,230 tonnes of recyclable materials.
–Compiled by David Goldberg