Jan. 20, 2010


5 years: WLUSU launches Research Internship Program

The Students Union unveiled a Research Internship Program, which will give students the opportunity to conduct research for a non-profit organization instead of writing an essay for a class. A student must have permission from his/her professor in order to take part, and demonstrate that taking part in the research is beneficial to your learning. At the time of its launch, there were only three research opportunities available for students to apply for.

Printed Jan. 19, 2005

25 years: In pursuit of cheaper textbooks

There was no used textbook source on campus for students to purchase course material at a lower cost. With the prices of everything on the rise, students were wondering why this option had never been looked at before.

For the first time, a book exchange was possible for students, where at the end of each term, the bookstore would buy back hard cover books for 50 per cent of their original price, and soft cover books for 40 per cent, only to re-sell them at discounted rates for suture terms.

Printed Jan. 31, 1985

35 years: Student aid termed ‘welfare’ by OSAP head

The head of Ontario Students Awards Program challenged the governments handling of loans and grants, saying that the financial assistance program is nothing more than welfare. The amount given out by the government was based on student’s living on $32 per day.

A decision was later made in March of that year to increase loans to students and create a part-time student bursary.

Printed Jan 23, 1975

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