Jan. 13, 2010

5 years: Students get dental coverage

The students’ union passed a question to go to referendum that asked students to vote on whether they would like to pay $120 per year for dental coverage. The plan would cover 80 to 90 per cent of the cost of procedures such as preventative maintenance, fillings and minor restorations. Students would only be exempt from paying the fee if they could provide adequate documentation proving they are covered under another existing plan.

Printed Jan. 12, 2005

25 years: Spring break trips in jeopardy

Chicago-based travel company, Campus Marketing Inc., who booked reading week trips for approximately 80 Laurier students, was warned by the Ontario government to cease all sales or face criminal action. Allegedly, the company was illegally selling and organizing trips for students to Florida for reading week.

Printed Jan 31. 1985

35 years: New building planned

Plans were approved for the construction of a new building on the Laurier campus, at the corner of University Avenue and Albert Street. The building was to be the new home of the School of Business and Economics and the faculty of social work.

A location was originally proposed by the architects for the lot behind the residences on Bricker Avenue, but was deemed too far from the rest of the teaching complex.

Printed Jan 23, 1975