In review: Tiësto

One of the world’s most recognizable and prominent DJ’s took the city of Waterloo by storm on June 28 and 29 when he performed at Beta nightclub. Most commonly known as Tiësto, this Dutchman’s music found its way to bring together a diverse demographic of people united under one roof.

The performance that Tiësto made literally put the audience in a trance state as the dark nightclub had flashes of bright colourful lasers beaming from wall-to-wall. Along with the DJ there were performers in revealing outfits “dancing” on platforms for audience entertainment and crowd enthusiasm — not that any was needed.

The usage of LED lights on the DJ’s booth and behind, along with pulsating strobe lights aided in the creation of a mystic atmosphere. The quaint-looking building on 24 King Street had become a place where neither dress-code applies nor does a proper code of conduct, and the only objective of the night was to feel the music.
After the crowd — covered in Dutch apparel , vibrant sunglasses and some even wearing diffraction lenses to better appreciate the light show — chanted for Tiësto at half-past midnight, he finally took his rightful place as DJ.

He played massive hits, such as “Escape Me” and Swedish House Mafia’s “Save the World Tonight.” The light shows were played simultaneous with his music; he would occasionally reassure and energize the crowd by throwing his arms in the air. His melodies spoke of a different language the audience was communicating with through their dancing. The combination of his ability to deliver and the appetite of the crowd managed to create its own culture — a culture shock for anyone who is not used to this scene.

Among the fans, one club-goer explained, “We [the audience] have a loyalty to Tiësto, it’s hard to describe but everyone here has a bond because of that.” Further inspecting the club, it is obvious that a unique loyalty does exist towards this infamous DJ.

More specifically, there were two distinct types of fans present at Tiësto’s shows. At the very front by his DJ booth were the heavily devoted fans that appeared as if they were in a completely different world, dripping with adrenaline. These were the fans which have been following Tiësto’s music for years, each individually praising every beat and rhythm that Tiësto provided them with.

Towards the back of the club were the fans that were there to dance to the music and take in the view of the sea of people. The latter consisted of fans that have been loyal to Tiësto since he decided to go more commercial with his music; switching from a less trance genre to a more club sound. Despite which category of “loyalist” that a fan belonged to, Tiësto’s ability to deliver a night of mind-blowing music was undeniable—making it impossible for anyone to remain static.

Tiësto’s talent of music production and ability to resonate with his audience was evident throughout his whole performance. He managed to keep his crowd captivated throughout the entire show and subsequently allow for a community of people to get together and enjoy an underground subculture, a culture that has proven itself as exceptionally loyal and, for all the dancing, sweaty.