How to stay fashionable in the summer heat

Graphic by Lena Yang

Summer is a time of colour, adventure, fun and more importantly, taking chances. In the eyes of Holt Renfrew fashion coordinator Mackenzie Yeates, summer fashion is always fun to work with because of the creative freedom it can give.

“Summer fashion has a certain ease and comfort to it that allows for a lot of play,” Yeates explained.

“I also think that summer is the time to add a little humour into your wardrobe, like a lemon print top or cherry earrings. Layering isn’t as important, so you get the chance to make one statement piece stand out and layer on the accessories.”

Despite the fun of dressing for those hot summer days, one must be mindful about not dressing inappropriately, while avoiding overheating.  Yeates emphasized the significance of choosing the right fabrics to keep cool. She is sure to add that long sleeve tunics with 100 per cent linen or cotton flow from the body, and keep one cool.

“To avoid looking sleazy, pick one body part that you want to expose. If you’re wearing short-shorts pair them with a crew-neck t-shirt or wear a crop top with high-waisted pants to reveal just a sliver of tummy,” Yeates advised.

Working as a fashion coordinator at Holt Renfrew for almost two years, Yeates is no stranger to putting together outfits to represent the four seasons in a trendy fashion.

The perfect summer outfit according to Yeates is a pair of high-waisted red and white gingham pants and a matching bra top of the same fabric. Yeates believes that it is her perfect summer outfit because it is comfortable while still making a statement.

“It is great for picnics because of the picnic blanket print and still has that retro bombshell inspiration that I love so much,” she said.

Yeates noted that the bright coloured, backless summer fashion is even a big hit on the runway. Monochromatic whites and tart pastels have been gracing the Phillip Lim and Diane von Furstenburg summer fashion shows. Yeates also noted that the spring and summer runways have been donning lots of neon, leading one to stand out in the summer crowd.

Keep in mind, you don’t have to dress in high-fashion collections off a runway to look good. Yeates mixes her summer fashion inspirations between tomboyish Idgie Threadgoode from Fried Green Tomatoes and girly Bridgette Bardot.

“For summer, I usually like to juxtapose my tomboy and girly girl sensibilities,” Yeates revealed, explaining that she alternates her summer wardrobe from a pair of boyfriend jeans, button up shirts, and bandanas to a striped t-shirt and a full mid-calf skirt.

When determining the perfect summer outfit, remember that summer is about adventure and fun. Make sure that your outfits reflect that. Don’t be afraid to be bold and experiment with every colour you can find under the rainbow.

But make sure you avoid black. Above everything else, always be confident in yourself when determining a summer outfit.

“Follow fashion but realize that not all trends work for everyone. Pick silhouettes and colours that work for your body type and skin tone.

“That is the first step in looking stylish,” Yeates concluded.

“From there, experiment with fabrications, combinations and accessories and you are guaranteed to always feel confident and look great.”

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