Homelesss campaign ironic

If the School of Business & Economics at Laurier would like to end homelessness, it should stop graduating capitalist peons who promote an omnicidal system of mass exploitation and destruction.

–Dr. Michael Truscello, Assistant Professor

I am writing in regards to the Five Days for the Homeless Campaign currently taking place outside the Terrace. As a struggling student, I was appalled this afternoon when I was heckled by volunteers representing the charity. While passing by in conversation with several friends the volunteers asked if we would like to make a donation, but without giving us the opportunity to respond we were quickly told to have a nice day wherein sarcastic comments of our attire followed.

I am disappointed in the integrity of this campaign. Making judgmental assumptions about other people’s character, financial position and past experiences with charity is inappropriate and insulting.

Such disrespectful approaches not only diminish the image of our school’s organizations, but they dissuade people from contributing to the causes they support.

–Justin Amaral