Holiday cocktail recipes


(Graphic by Laila Hack)
(Graphic by Laila Hack)

Like most students here at Laurier, the holidays are probably one of your favorite times of year. Not only can you see family, old friends, have home cooked meals and reload your chequing account, but you can also have a little “fun” without the stress of school work.

There is no doubt that this jolly season is filled top to bottom with parties and special events that bring out the holiday spirit in everyone — student or not. A crucial part of these annual celebrations are some wonderfully festive drinks that you can enjoy that give you a break from the likes of Busch Lager and whisky sours. These are the types of drinks that fit the holiday theme just perfectly.

Yes, traditional warm and fuzzy drinks like hot coco and eggnog are a nice change of pace, but not exactly what I’m talking about. Past those Christmas classics, the drinks that we have listed below are sure to get you into the spirit while also allowing you to let loose.

The Candy Cane

This one is a truly tasty holiday cocktail but it’s also one of those drinks that are fun to prepare.

First things first, you’ve got to create the candy cane coating on the glasses’ rim by lathering it in crushed candy cane. Combine vodka, peppermint schnapps, white crème de cacao and grenadine into a shaker of some variety. Shake it well and what you are left with is a smooth yet potent candy Christmas cocktail.

St. Nick’s Party Punch

This one is a very warm punch that is perfect for large holiday parties. It may seem strange at first because, well, it’s a warm alcoholic drink but trust me, it does the trick.

You’re going to need a bottle of dark rum (Bacardi Black works best), a bottle of dry red wine, strong brewed tea, orange juice and lemon juice. Mix them all together over heat and garnishes with citrusy slices. This one is served best in high quantities so increase ingredient amounts as needed.

The Grinch

This green coloured cocktail may be called the Grinch but not because of the holiday-hating elements from Dr. Seuss’ classic holiday character. In fact, it’s reminiscent of the cheerfully changed Grinch with some of the sweetest flavors.

All you need is Midori Melon Liqueur, lemon juice and simple syrup. Pour all three into a shaker with ice, add a cherry for garnish and be ready to taste the changed heart of the green man.

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