Gagliano elected student governor


Michael Gagliano was beaming with excitement as he was announced as a new
student governor on the Wilfrid Laurier University board of governors.

“I’m very excited, I’m very happy,” said Gagliano, a third-year business student. “I was confident going in. I was up against two great candidates, Seth and Scott who are now both directors. I didn’t know which way it was going to but it is a big win.”

Gagliano was criticized during the open forum for being on co-op as his opponent Scott Fleming questioned whether he would have enough time for the position of student governor.

“My next job will be in Waterloo, as for being a co-op student it will not get in the
way. I will manage both to the best of my ability,” said Gagliano.

Seth Warren, the third candidate for the student governor position, who had campaigned for board of directors as well as being acclaimed to Senate, graciously congratulated Gagliano on his victory.

“I think Mike’s going to a great job, I have full confidence in him as a governor, I’ll definitely be talking to him quite a bit over the next year,” said Warren.

Gagliano has been preparing for his new position since he first began at Laurier,
three years ago.

“I want to work with and make a stronger relationship with the new president of
WLUSU; sit on two committees on the board of governors: the executive governors committee and finance and investments,” he said. “I will try to bring a new perspective to the strategic plan, and it would also to be great to help work on the plan for the Milton campus, if we do decide to go through with it.”

Gagliano will serve a two-year term, joining the current student governor, Ted Brown.

-With files from Justin Fauteux

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