Fun in Waterloo Park

Narrowly avoiding the worst parts of the storms that dominated this weekend’s weather, the sixth annual Fall Fun Fest proved to be a pleasant day of family fun in Waterloo Park.

Sunday was a day filled with group activities like pottery, gardening and tippy baseball as well as face painting and communal drum playing.

Some activities also featured an educational component.

“Our favourite was the environmental games and craft tent,” said local resident Kevin Calhoun.

“They explained things about animals and the girls learnt a lot of fun facts [that] were also educational,” added Calhoun, who was carrying a birdhouse which he and his daughters had just made in the build-a-birdhouse tent.

The environmental tent featured stuffed mammals and aquatic creatures which received a lot of attention from the kids.

“My favourite things were the stuffed beavers,” said Julia, 8, who was accompanied by her mother, Sue Bezouska.

Fall Fun Fest is a celebration of Waterloo’s green spaces during the city’s Community Parks Week.

“The main purpose behind Fun Fest is to promote environmental awareness and bring the community together,” said Rhonda Larsh, one of the event co-ordinators.

“We have a bike tune-up station which has been one of the more popular attractions for the adults; we’ve had a lot people stop by just for that,” said Larsh.