From the archives: Devoted or demented?

Thursday, October 31st, 1991

Last week two second year Laurier students (and bona fide Leafs fans) spent several nights camping out on their roof.

Disgusted by the Leaf’s six game losing streak, Brian Geer and Fab Antinelli decided that they could no longer sit idly by. On Wednesday night they relocated to the roof of their 133 Albert Street residence and stated that they would not come down until the Leafs won a game.

They built a shelter with a clear tarpaulin, boards and equipped the interior with a mattress. The shelter faced into the upstairs bathroom where they had cable television and the essential facilities.

They allowed themselves one hour a day to leave the roof and perform hygienic necessities. At the time of the interview Geer and Antinelli had been “protesting” for about 24hours despite optimistic forecasts.

“The tarp leaked a bit at first,” Geer said, “but we fixed it – sort of.”

Appropriately clad in Leafs shirts, the fans insisted that the Leafs would soon win a game. Nevertheless, a growing sense of doubt was prevalent.

One of their more enthusiastic roommates decided to call the KW Record, CKCO News and the Cord. The subsequent CKCO news repot seemed to take a patronizing view of the whole event.

When asked about their moment of fame, the students nonchalantly brushed it aside. “The reporters came up here with their cameras and kept taking pictures of everything,” Geer said, “It was rather annoying.”

Their pride is not the only thing at stake. The fans made bet with their room mates as to whether they could sweat it out, When asked what they would do if the Leafs lost again on Friday, they responded “There’s another game on Saturday.” What if they lose that one? “There is another game on Monday.”

Leafs ended their losing streak on Saturday. We assume that Geer and Antinelli are off their roof.