Fracas given opportunity at Tiger-Cats camp

File photo by Heather Davidson
File photo by Heather Davidson

James Fracas has spent the last the week in Hamilton, participating in the Tiger-Cats training camp. The quarterback on Wilfrid Laurier University’s football team was invited to work with the coaching staff to develop his skills surrounded by other talented players. The camp is part of the Canadian Football League’s initiative to assist in the development of quarterbacks across the country.

Fracas outlined what a day at training camp generally consisted of.

“Wake-up time is normally around 6:30[a.m.]. From there we go to breakfast and get a chance to wake up. Then we go to power practice with around 25 miJnutes in between the first and second practice … [We] have meetings before and after dinner, sometimes including further training sessions,” he said

The two-week training program offers intense training on a daily basis. Fracas explained that having other skillful quarterbacks around him helped as encouragement and motivation while stepping up his game.

“The training has been very beneficial to my technique. It helped not only my position, but also allowed me to gain a better understanding of the inner-workings of the team. Most of all, I have improved my drawbacks and throwing delivery,” he said.

Fracas explained how this camp has done amazing things to improve his confidence in picking up defensive schemes going into next season.

“Watching play-by-play films helped me with reading defense and picking up key openings for different players. It helped with learning to exploit different defensive flaws so the offense can succeed on a higher level,” he said.

Fracas will join his teammates in August for the Golden Hawks training camp. Football head coach Michael Faulds touched on what he thought the benefits of the camp are for his quarterback.

“It’s going to teach him how to prepare like a professional. Just being able to do drills with the quarterbacks and sitting in on their meetings is really going to help him. I’m sure when he comes back he’s going to have a different confidence and swagger about him,” said Faulds.


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