Former CNN researcher prepares for position at WLU


On July 1, Abby Goodrum, with her extensive background in media, research and information science, will be the new vice president of research at Wilfrid Laurier University.

“[My job is] supporting the research efforts of the university, supporting individual researchers, supporting all faculty and students in achieving whatever research goals they have,” explained Goodrum.

Goodrum currently holds the Velma Rogers Graham research chair in news, media and technology at Ryerson University. As well, she received her bachelors in radio, television and film, and her masters in library and information science from the University of Texas.

She also has industry experience at CNN and a PhD in information science from the University of North Texas.

When asked why she chose Laurier as a place of employment, Goodrum replied, “I like the focus on students. Its reputation is extremely strong in terms of as a community builder, as being student centric.”

Goodrum applauded Paul Maxim’s work as the head of the research services department for the last five years. Even though she’s done so much work in media, she says her background in library services will also benefit her new job greatly.

Goodrum also noted that there is often a misconceived divide between being a great teacher and be an avid research, something she hopes to get rid of.

“A lot of the reasons you do research is to grow the research experience, to impart more knowledge and add a body of knowledge to our field,” she added. “And one of the ways to add knowledge to that field is through teaching.”

Goodrum will join the Laurier community this summer and is looking forward to being in Waterloo.

“I really love the Waterloo community,” she concluded. “I like the spirit of the Waterloo area.”

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