Football is promoted

Re: Football under-promoted, Nov. 4, 2009

Extensive efforts are made by the department and its student ambassadors to advertise these games.

The department has already created a Facebook fan group and actively invites students and fans to attend upcoming games. Other advertising means already underway include a Golden Hawk Update section in The Cord itself and the Laurier HawkTalk e-newsletter, both providing a preview to upcoming games.

The Laurier Athletics website is consistently updated with information on games, The department has introduced a creative student package promotion for both homecoming and the playoff game on Saturday to attract more students to each game.

A recent commercial advertisement created by CTV has been seen on televisions throughout the Athletic Complex, Bookstore, and SBE building. The claim that only a “handful of die-hard fans” are attending is false – Laurier ranked third in the 10 team league in overall average attendance.

The Athletics Department has prepared widespread promotions for varsity games around campus and should not be seen as an entity that simply sits back and hopes for students to come.

–Andrea Elliott