Final Students Union Board Reviews 2022-2023

Shane Symington 

The president and CEO of the Students’ Union has transitioned well into the role after the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions. He was engaged in meetings and his updates were said to be clear and helpful.

In addition, he did a good job picking things up after two years of restrictions. 

When encouraged to have more of a presence on the Brantford campus, President Symington took the criticism well and continued to improve throughout the year. In retrospect, he has been encouraged to find more interesting ways for on-campus programming and to take accountability when needed. 

There were also times when he could have worked specifically with policymakers in the region and contributed to direct advocacy efforts.

Described as “extraordinary,” Symington put in a good amount of effort as president this year.

Francesco Del Giudice

Chair Del Giudice has proven himself to be a capable leader for the board this year, someone who is easy to access and has dealt with pressing issues throughout the term.

Chair Del Giudice was praised for juggling many operations and accommodating board members when needed. He was commended for handling “awful circumstances”  efficiently and has passed down his knowledge to new directors, mentoring and shadowing the upcoming chair.

He has been retrospectively encouraged to do more outreach events outside of meetings; however, his team has cited a need for more institutional support for the Chair.

Chair Del Giudice has shown himself to be someone who cares for the organization and students; he is communicative and approachable despite having a lot of responsibilities. 

Blake Phillips

Vice-Chair Phillips has been commended on being dedicated to his role as a leader who participated and contributed his knowledge. It was noted that despite being on a co-op term, he would contribute to meetings by interpreting and translating policy.

Vice Chair Phillips is recognized as open to ideas and knowledgeable about policy. He has been retrospectively encouraged to participate further in subcommittee meetings and to use motions correctly in board meetings.

Vice Chair Phillips has showcased a clear commitment to the board this year and has been honest when voicing opinions to fellow directors. 

Carson Boettinger

Director Boettinger has shown dedication and accountability on the board of directors. He was described as “on the ball” during board meetings.

Like many directors on the board, he is encouraged to continue growing and contributing to discussions during board meetings.

Cole Dermott

Director Dermott was recognized as a board member with room for improvement this year. He could have attended more meetings and contributed to the direct inspection committee more frequently.

When present, Director Dermott was vocal and presented a strong position on issues discussed.

Emma Murphy

As the only woman on the board, Director Murphy is praised for her attendance and contribution to meetings.

She was commended for her expertise on Greek Life and her commitment to speaking up in debates and discussions.

She is encouraged to continue growing and contributing to discussions during board meetings.

Michel LeClair

Director LeClair has been involved in multiple committees and has been passionate about bringing transparency to the board. 

He has advocated for in-person programming throughout the year and “asks the hard questions,” making sure to focus on accountability with the board. 

Mohammad Abu-Rshaid

Despite this being Director Abu-Rshaid’s first year on the board, he left a noteworthy impression and his team spoke highly of his performance.

As the incoming Chair, he is sincerely committed to improving things for students on both campuses and positively changing things that need to be changed.

As a Brantford director, he is classified as outspoken and well-knowledgeable in discussions. 

Director Abu-Rshaid has taken tangible steps to increase campus safety and increase advocacy for the Brantford campus. 

He always shows up to meetings and asks questions to advocate for students. He is known to have good questions that clearly show his care for the organization.

He sits on multiple committees and is heavily involved in the board; he is consistently prepared for meetings and the directors look forward to seeing him as Chair.

Nicholas Betivoiu

Director Betivoiu was encouraged to continue to attend and speak up in board meetings to contribute meaningfully to discussions.

Nur Elmasri

Director Elmasri was encouraged to continue to attend and speak up in board meetings to contribute meaningfully to discussions.

Zachary Goodwin

Director Goodwin was encouraged to attend and continue to speak up in board meetings to contribute meaningfully to discussions.

Sebastien Corrie

As the newest director on the board, Sebastien has made a strong impression on the board, he is always involved, reads the material and contributes to meetings constantly.

He was described as “amazing” by his team and has put in the effort to join the board with a strong start.

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