Final issue: reflecting on the year in Arts & Life

This year has been, in a word, a whirlwind. Full of ups and downs, it has been a learning experience for everyone involved in The Cord. But through it all it has been my wholehearted belief that none of it would have been possible without volunteers. If you’re unaware, volunteerism is one of the top values within WLUSP — that’s Wilfrid Laurier University Student Publication for those out of the loop. Each week the writers for Arts & Life managed to contributed amazing work that made me proud to be called the editor. I’ve had the honour of watching my favourite writers grow into amazing and confident people and for that I will be eternally grateful. So, without further ado and without me getting any more sentimental on you, here are my favourite Arts & Life articles of the year! Hope you enjoy, because I sure did!

Best Burrito at Laurier

You’re hungry, I’m hungry, we’re all hungry. Completely understanable, it’s exam season. Which is why in these trying times comfort food becomes essential. Staff writer Dominic Asselin took it upon himself to find the best burrito in Waterloo — well, at least around the Laurier campus. He had dutifully ranked each burrito joint on taste, price and of course, if they charged for guac.

Some places he explored were Mucho Burrito, Fat Bastard Burrito, Burrito Boyz, Holy Guacamole and even Freshii’s.

Finance vs Fulfillment

To be or not to be? That’s the question staff writer Tyler Currie explored in his article “Finance or Fufillment? That is the question”.

In this thought envoking piece Currie explores whether it’s better to persue a life of finacial stability or emotional fuffillment as he begins to path out the rest of his life.

He links the monsters of our childhood to the monsters of our adulthood and asks us what is better.

Ultimately, the answer is for you to decide, but check out the article to see his own conclusion.

Guys we F@#ked at Laurier

If you regularly read the Arts & Life section then undoudtedly you’ve seen the name of frequent writer Evangeline Hunt.

When Guys We F@#ked, a popular femenist podcast, came to Laurier Hunt was eager to cover it.

In her article she explores the good, the bad and the ugly that these women bring out when discussing gender norms, stereotypes, societal expectations and how we challenge both of these things every day.

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