Fifth presidential candidate emerges


(Photo by Kate Turner)
(Photo by Kate Turner)

Since our story in the last issue, a fifth presidential candidate has joined in the race for WLUSU president and CEO.

While Daniel Saad, a fourth-year political science student at Laurier, has never had any experience within WLUSU before, he has made the decision to put his name forward for president and CEO in the upcoming elections.

“The main reason I’ve chosen to run is because I think I can bring a fresh perspective to the entire process and kind of give an outside look on how things operate within WLUSU,” Saad told The Cord. “I’m involved in the school, just not specifically there [in WLUSU].”

Prior to the start of the cam- paign, he said he has already been making connections with various staff members and students within the Laurier community in order to ensure that he is well-known, approachable and that his platform is understood. “A big thing for me is communication … there seems to be a gap between the Students’ Union …. and everyone else,” he explained. “You have to know the concerns to fix them, and you need to physically get out there and engage people.”

Saad stressed that he is very aware of his opponents credentials, and respects that they may have more WLUSU-based knowledge than he does. However, he added that he is making many attempts at catching up to speed regarding in- formation he may be missing.

“I want to outline things we’re doing right and things that need to be built upon,” he stressed. “The thing I’m most excited about is working on campus safety and prolonging that, and the second-biggest thing … is breaking down those communication barriers.”

The candidates
Jennifer Taborowski, Caleb Okwubido-Williams, Daniel Saad Annie Constantinescu, Chris Walker
Board of Directors:
Nicole Gamsyager, Courtney Yole, Jordan Epstein, Jujhar Singh, John Pehar, April Qu, John Drimmie, Kate Stevenson, TJ Edmondson Colin Aitchison, Sean Yu, Emily Ledwidge, Brian Wilson, Matthew McLean, Matt Casselman, Laura Bassett, Elias Eerikainen, Michael Kates
Board of Governors: Scott Fleming
Senate: Luke Dotto, Robert Steeves, Elias Eerikainen

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