Feds announce funding at WLU

On Friday Oct. 16 James Moore, Minister of Canadian Heritage and Official Languages, visited Wilfrid Laurier University to announce three financial government investments that will given to WLU Press and the Association of Canadian Publishers.

The government has renewed for the next five years it’s $39.5 million investment to the Book Publishing Industry Development Program, which will go towards maintaining jobs and providing access to books written by Canadian authors, keeping them competitive not only here in Laurier, but also throughout Canada and within world markets.

“Funding for Canadian content is a sound investment,” said Moore.

“Our government recognizes the potential of organizations like Wilfrid Laurier University Press and the Association of Canadian Publishers and I’m certain that they will continue to build on past success that they’ve had, innovation that they’ve shown and the capacity to support Canadian authors in as many ways as possible.”

The first of the three investments involves $90,000 annually that will be given by the federal government to support WLU Press. This will allow for continued production and promotion of Canadian written books here at Laurier.

“It’s steady and stable funding for Wilfrid Laurier University Press, which is very important in helping the production of academic journals and books. These are often publications that have great value academically…but don’t have immediate market value,” said Moore.

This funding will also help support a full time internship for 18 weeks, a position that will further professional development of the book publishing industry as well as the quality of those working in the field.

“I know this money is going to be very well spent and very well invested and Wilfrid Laurier University will continue to be one of Canada’s truly great academic institutions,” said Moore.

In addition the Association of Canadian Publishers will be receiving $109 thousand to ensure that Canadian works are provided with better access and visibility in on line markets.