Fall break still in question

The possibility of fall reading days at Wilfrid Laurier University  remains a hopeful prospect for students as the concept continues to be discussed by the committee that was to review it. However, not much has been done beyond the discussion since September.

David McMurray, vice president of student affairs, explained that several proposals have been suggested regarding where the days might be placed in the academic calendar, as well as how the two days will be made up. However, no decisions have been made thus far.

Ryerson University implemented a fall reading week for the first time this year, opting to give students a full week off rather than a couple of days. It was held this past week, after the Thanksgiving long weekend.

Michelle Geraldes, a second-year occupational health and safety student at Ryerson, commented on this addition to the academic calendar.

“Personally, I liked it a lot,” she said. “I was able to work, which was a good thing because I have to commute. So it was a big plus.”

It also provided her with the opportunity to get caught up and study for her midterms, which were all scheduled for the week following the break. She noted that the atmosphere at her midterm on the first day back was noticeably different.

“From what I saw everybody seemed pretty relaxed,” she explained. “It wasn’t too stressful like I’ve usually seen before my midterms.”

Fall reading days may be up in the air at Laurier, but McMurray explained the direction the discussion is taking.

“We’ve been talking further about a more comprehensive look at the first-year student experience and all of the key factors associated with student academic and personal transition, as well as personal success,” he said.

McMurray also noted that they are trying to look at the bigger picture rather than focussing on one small piece at a time.

“I fully support fall reading days,” McMurray continued. “I believe that they will contribute in many ways to student success and well-being.”

But the greater challenge, he said, will be figuring out when the days will be scheduled.

“That’s why I think a more comprehensive approach of ‘what does this mean overall’ is really important,” he added.

A meeting regarding fall reading days is being held on Oct. 17 where the university and the Wilfrid Laurier University Students’ Union will discuss a proposal

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