Fairies battle in Waterloo Park

“It’s like walking into a different world,” remarked visitors entering the Royal Medieval Faire this past Saturday.

Held in Waterloo Park, the Faire entered its 13th season this year. With hundreds of volunteers and actors, food and gift merchants and activities for kids, the Faire attracts a variety of members of the community, children and adults alike.

While walking through the Faire grounds, you could smell the giant turkey legs and watch children battling knights with fake swords. There were dragons and fairies walking around and old English being spoken at every turn.

Laurier was out in full force as well, being represented by students from the Medieval Students’ Society. Students were giving out information on Medieval Studies courses as well as the society and events they plan.

Dressed in Medieval garb, the students were in the middle of the event interacting with Faire patrons. Erynn Bockler, Ashley Walsh, Amy Vigliotti and Melinda Phelan were more than happy to share information about courses and the Medieval Students’ Society in general.

“We plan events like horseback riding, trips to the [Royal Ontario Museum], archery, medieval feasts and movie nights,” said Bockler. “Another major event is Medieval Day, this year on Oct. 20, in the Senate and Board Chamber.”

The Medieval Students’ Society has been in attendance at the Faire for four years. The group doesn’t require members to be a history student to join the society and there is no fee for membership.

The Faire ended with a battle scene, where the fairies battled with various other factions in front of the King and Queen, and performed the traditional Irish dance of the ceili.

Diana Turnbull, who played Fairie Ambassador Rosalyn, has been volunteering for this particular event for two years, but been a part of Medieval Faires for twelve. Turnbull has spent months preparing for the Faire, but said she “thoroughly enjoys every minute.”

The five dollar admission fee was worth every penny. The rain managed to hold off and people were still in good cheer after events had been happening for more than five hours. All proceeds from the Faire go towards holding it the following year.

Next year’s Faire will be held on Sept. 17, 2011 in Waterloo Park. Until then be sure to participate in Medieval Day on Oct. 20 at the Senate and Board Chambers.