Exam period shortened

This year the fall semester final exam period will be shorter than in previous years, running from Dec. 10-19.

This was made possible by having four exam time slots per day instead of the traditional three.

According to Laurier registrar Ray Darling, the reason for this was because of the late Labour Day in September.

“Some universities played with the idea of starting classes that week instead of starting the following week, but we opted not to do that,” said Darling. “Because we have to get 60 teaching days in, it pushed everything backwards.”

He added that the issue was brought to senate last year, noting that if they didn’t move to a four exam per day schedule, the exam period would be running too close to Christmas.

“One of the things we checked was to see if it would create more conflicts, because we have the 24 hour rule [where students who have three exams in 24 hours can get them deferred],” said Darling.

“It created a few conflicts but not many.”