Environmental work has Laurier link

Sustainable Waterloo, a not-for-profit organization which seeks to help foundations become more environmentally sustainable across the Waterloo Region, recently introduced five new insurance companies to their carbon-reducing initiative.

They include: The Economical Insurance Group, Farm Mutual Reinsurance Pan Inc., Gore Mutual Insurance Company, Sun Life Financial and the Ontario Teachers Insurance Plan.

Mike Morrice, a Laurier alumnus and executive director of Sustainable Waterloo, explains that,
“It was a really exciting opportunity for the insurance industry to collectively show leadership in our community and our region.”

“We play a role as a facilitator,” said Morrice. “We first help these organizations to sense and baseline their current carbon emissions so they know where they are at and any progress over time.”

These companies reduce their environmental impact by means of efficiency, which includes upgrading equipment, changes to lighting and reducing transportation emissions.

Public relations manager for Sustainable Waterloo Joanna LaFleur noted the significance of the addition of these leading insurance companies for Sustainable Waterloo.

“It shows credibility of us as an organization that these five major insurance companies would want to come on board with us, because we have something that really is going to be valuable for them to participate in.”

La Fleur also commented on the number of Laurier graduates and students who are choosing to work with and volunteer with this organization.

“We’ve seen a lot of Laurier students come on board because they are interested in environmental issues in the business world, and want to try to build up their skills and learn what they can from getting involved.”

“It shows that Laurier grads are doing some really valuable things in the community after they graduate.”