English not necessarily the hardest language

Re: “The value of diversity,” Oct. 13

I read with interest the article by Bree Borsellino on the value of knowing more than one language.

Good presentation, with research and personal touch. I am in agreement with the points presented here. However, I was puzzled by the sentence: “English is the most difficult language to learn.” This does not correspond to my impression. As for background, my first language is French and I am certainly glad I did not have to learn it as a second language. I have had some experience in German, and to a lesser extent, some other European languages, and then some Arabic. I do not consider English as being the most difficult language to learn, but this is only my subjective point of view.

As for the personal touch, I can relate to her regret of not having familiarized with the Italian language earlier, but I also missed the boat, by not starting to learn Arabic when I was a child in Morocco.

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