Endorsing Bardish Chagger for Waterloo federal riding

With the federal election just under two weeks away, the Waterloo riding is considered a bellwether. The large student population holds significant power to swing the riding.

All candidates — Diane Freeman, Peter Braid, Richard Walsh and Bardish Chagger — bring notable qualities to the table, but we feel one individual rises above the rest.

This is not a general party endorsement, but rather an endorsement of the specific candidate who we feel would best represent Waterloo on the widest scale.

We believe Bardish Chagger of the Liberal party seems to be the top candidate for our young and booming city. Beyond her exceptional presence in the student community in Waterloo, her vision covers important implications such as affordable housing, mental health, public transit, senior support and income security. Her approach is honest and realistic

Diane Freeman’s experience with city council has given her the knowledge required to lead; she has earned the respect of many different stakeholders in the Waterloo Region and her compassion and work ethic is widely recognized. Peter Braid, the Conservative candidate, has created an excellent reputation since he won in 2008.

He puts in the face time and commitment with and for students and has made some good contributions to the community.

Richard Walsh, the representative of the Green Party and a beloved former psychology professor at Wilfrid Laurier University, has done much to reinvigorate political engagement with the campus Green Party.

However, Chagger has stepped out in the way she connects with students and brings new ideas to a community that has been Conservative since 2008.

Chagger brings her own ideas and a vision that goes above and beyond her represented party, focusing on aspects the Waterloo riding needs.

Her dynamic passion is a reflection of her spirited character.

We understand our opinion may not represent the views of everyone and we encourage everyone to vote for whoever they see most fit. We know there are quality attributes for each candidate.   

If you are not sure who you plan on voting for, we recommend that you educate yourself and attend the debate Wednesday at 3 p.m., in the Concourse.

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