Editor’s Note: The municipal elections impact on students

With the municipal election less than one week away — as is the case with any political election — students are often inundated with people advising them on the importance of staying informed and casting their vote.

Finding the time to read platforms, watch debates and making the time to vote as a student can be difficult between classes and studying. 

As a result, ensuring that students are aware of the tangible things that those running in the municipal election discuss and make decisions about can be the factors that dictate whether or not they take the time to cast their vote. 

It is true, however, that the mayor and councillors in Waterloo do make many decisions which could greatly effect students — even those of you whom only reside in Waterloo for school.

Some of the more controversial topics of discussion in city council meetings this past year, for example, have been the Ezra street parties as well as the potential closure of baseball diamonds in Waterloo Park.

The mayor and city councillors have been discussing the ever-growing Ezra street parties in depth. The mayor, who is currently Dave Jaworsky, has spoken out on several occasions iterating his wish that the parties would come to an end. 

Voting is important. Students make up such a huge percentage of Waterloo. Your voices could make a huge impact to the outcome of this election.

Like him, many figures in Waterloo feel the party has grown out of control and, echoing the concerns of many residents of Waterloo, the cost to ensure that the Ezra street party is safe and contained is far too high for one day of drinking. 

Although one councillor may not have the ability to make or break the Ezra street party, it’s definitely something that they might strive to change.

Another highly controversial topic discussed among councillors in Waterloo this past year have been the baseball diamonds located in Waterloo Park. 

As Waterloo continues to grow, city council and the mayor have discussed turning a portion of the park into festival space — however, this space would replace two of the baseball diamonds.

This decision effects students in many ways — the diamonds in Waterloo park are often used by students participating in MLSB and other student-run extra-curriculars. However, for some students, the idea of festival space might open up new opportunities and events.

Voting is important. Students make up such a huge percentage of Waterloo. Your voices could make a huge impact to the outcome of this election. 

The topics I have mentioned are only a few of so many that those in running in this municipal election could have a hand in changing. Many of these things can affect the experience you have during your time at Laurier. 

I highly recommend you read the many resources available to you — such as our feature in this week’s issue, which contains a Q&A with the candidates in Laurier’s ward as well as the mayoral candidates — to find out what each candidate stands for and take a few minutes next Monday to vote. 

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