Editor’s note: Plenty of changes coming to The Cord

If you’re an avid Cord reader — or even if you’re not and you just came here to hear me ramble — you may have noticed changes are happening to The Cord, both in print and online. We’re experimenting weekly, changing font sizes, getting really creative with cover ideas and page layouts while starting to critically look at content ideas in the print copy. Online, Video Editor Brian Phillips and I just finished an intense, vicious battle with malware that has haunted our site for almost two years. And now, we can finally start implementing a lot of those visions we had when I was hired 18 issues ago.

We’re going to continue to experiment. Nothing is set in stone, nothing will stay the same. We may be a 32″ tabloid paper today, but by the time March rolls around, we may get smaller and not have a fold in our print copy. We may get smaller in our print issues so we can put more online. We may even stop printing paper entirely — who knows? We may change our website theme. We may just decide everything needs to be different. Things are changing and it’s never been more exciting to be part of The Cord.

The point of this note is that there will be a lot of changes in the next few months. And that’s okay. We want to know what would work best for our readers, and that’s where you come in. If you want us to try something out that you’ve been thinking about, let us know. Tweet at us at @cordnews, write on our Facebook, email editor@thecord.ca or just come to our office at 205 Regina Street North. Our readers are who we serve and you will be a pivotal voice in the changes we go through.

The Cord is in its 90th publishing year, but we’re still a youngin’ trying to experiment. Help us find our way.

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