Editorial: The actions of a few are threatening the lives of many

We are in the midst of a global pandemic. 

Those are words that I never imagined myself writing in any context other than a science fiction novel, yet here we are. 

As the novel coronavirus continues to spread across the world, its presence within Canada is becoming more threateningly apparent.

What seemed like somewhere else’s problem months ago is now the reality in which we live. And I’m sure I speak for many others when I say that I never expected it to get to this point.ot long ago I was one of the people saying this was no big deal and it would blow over … suffice to say, I got a reality check.

The number of cases is growing each day and the number of cities which the virus has entered is on the rise as well. Borders have been restricted, businesses are closing and drastic measures are being taken. 

But despite this fact, there are still many people who chose to trivialize the CoVid-19 virus and it’s effects on the population. People say they don’t need to self-isolate or practice social distancing because “it’s only the flu” and they’ll survive.

It’s not a surprise that these people exist, but it is still disappointing nonetheless. And without beating around the bush, these people are selfish assholes, plain and simple.

By choosing to go out to bars, malls, or parties you are making it very clear that you value your own good time over the health and security of others. 

Schools are closed for a reason, and that reason is so people are able to stay home in order to keep themselves and their loved ones healthy, not so you can go on a three-day social drinking bender with your newfound free time!

And yes, if you’re young and healthy, the coronavirus probably won’t be detrimental to your health. But we have to remember that this is a highly contagious virus that we’re dealing with and not everyone around you is as young and healthy as you are. 

Think of your grandparents, your friend who is immune compromised, even your friend who vapes regularly; all these people are at a higher risk for complications from COVID-19 and if you were to transmit it to them, they might not survive.

The increasingly high number of cases is placing more and more stress on our healthcare systems, and they can only bend so far until they break under the weight of the growing demand for treatment with only a finite amount of resources. In most places, healthcare resources are spread thin as it is.

This is quite literally a matter of life and death, and our actions at this time are critical to shaping our countries immediate future. 

It’s not like we’re being asked to do much, literally all you have to do is stay at home for a couple of weeks – I’m pretty sure I’ve done this unintentionally during the winter.

Rather than going out to your friends house, talk on the phone instead. Instead of going out to a party, postpone it until things have calmed down.

It’s a small price to pay for the wellbeing of our loved ones and healthcare systems. 

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