Dec. 1, 2010


“This is a 13.5 million dollar corporation and should work that way
but sometimes it doesn’t because this
is student government.”

—Asif Bacchus, former chair of the WLUSU board of directors re: WLUSU

“Obviously one of the elements we made all the artists aware of was that people will be hanging off this, it must be sturdy, it must be drunk-proof. Shit happens.”

—Barry Ries editorial/communications officer in Laurier’s research services office re: the newly announced statue of Sir Wilfrid Laurier

“We both matured in an environment that really encouraged you to be in Student Pubs, and be doing sports, and trying something in theatre, and going to the Turret.”

—Conor McCreery, co-creator of Kill Shakespeare on his and Anthony Del Col’s Laurier experiences

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