Dean McMurray appointed to new VP: Student Affairs position

On May 12, David McMurray, Wilfrid Laurier University dean of students, was appointed to the position vice-president of student affairs.

The newly-developed position will accommodate the growing needs of students as the university expands at all its campuses.

“We’re a bigger place institutionally now in a multi campus way that one person couldn’t possibly be geographically in more than one place,” said McMurray.

“Our commitment to student life, student success and student experience requires that we have more than one person acting in that role.”

With the creation of the new position of vice-president of student affairs, a dean of students at the Brantford campus will also be added to build a stronger relationship between students at each campus and their respective dean.

Including a dean at any future campus location, notably if an expansion to Milton does occur, will now be required under the new structure.

In regards to finding a successor for the dean of students position at the Waterloo campus, McMurray said that he will begin the search as soon as the budget for these initiatives are passed at the upcoming governor’s meeting this month.

“We’re going to do an international search and post it and have a full competition and review, selection and advisory group,” explained McMurray. “My goal would be to have a successor in place for students’ arrival in September.”

Although the position of dean will be assumed by a new individual, students will still be able to find McMurray in the dean of students office on the third floor of the Fred Nichols Campus Centre (FNCC).

“I expect to be where students are,” stated McMurray. “We’re going to switch up our offices a little bit in this suite, but [I’m] going to be staying right here.”

Although his administrative duties as a vice-president will take up more of his time, allowing for the incoming dean to develop close relationships with students, McMurray is confident he will maintain his connection with the student body to continue to ensure their needs are met.

“It’s an exceptional commitment by the university to recognize the student experience as a pillar as what Laurier is about as a university,” said McMurray.

“[Former dean of students] Fred Nichols set the stage and the tradition of the dean of students in support for students here and I’m honoured to maintain, develop and build that tradition in history over the years.”