Davis proud of Liberal’s second place in K-W

Defeated locally, but victorious provincially, Liberal supporters who convened at the Brick Brewery to watch election results pour in had plenty to celebrate.

The crowd erupted in cheers, and began chanting “four more years” enthusiastically as candidate Eric Davis arrived to join the festivities.

“Democracy is alive and well in K-W,” Davis proclaimed to the eager crowd. A first time candidate, and lawyer by profession, he had an admirable showing in the polls.

Davis fared well against incumbent Elizabeth Witmer, coming within 3,160 votes of the Progressive Conservative Party. This was an increase from the results of 2007, where the Liberals trailed by nearly 5,000 votes.

“We were up against a 21 year incumbent in this riding who was first elected when I was twelve,” Davis said jokingly. “So I must say we have done an amazing job.”

Along with acknowledging his gratitude to volunteers and family, Davis singled out the student population as a key component of the election. “I’d like to specifically thank the students,” Davis told The Cord. “I thank all of the students for their outstanding support, and if not to me, then to the democratic process, because I think Laurier students proved that students do come out to vote when you engage with them.” As a Laurier alumnus, seeing the impressive turnout at the university’s polls was evidently a source of pride.

Erica Miller, a local student, was unsurprised by the result. “I wasn’t really expecting anything different,” she said. Despite that, she was impressed by Davis’ efforts.

“I think he [Davis] did really well,” Miller said. “I watched the debates and stuff and he held his own very well.”

Liberal supporter Greg Murdoch felt the result was “disappointing,” but commended Davis’ efforts overall. “Eric did great though, for a first time,” he commented. “He did gain a lot, so there was some hope he would win, but he did really well.”

Theresa Mendler, Davis’ campaign manager, claimed the result was “better than we expected,” and felt the campaign had been run to its fullest potential. “Eric fought hard,” she stated.

On the party’s success provincially, Mendler commented, “No one is surprised. We knew that McGuinty had the leadership, he had the skills, the people of Ontario know what kind of leader they’re looking for.” She continued, “Looks like they’ve had their say.”

The Liberals will hold on for another four years with 53 seats, coming close to, but not achieving majority.

Davis concluded triumphantly, “Mere months ago people were writing Dalton McGuinty’s obituary, now he has proved that he is alive and well and he’s going to continue to be premier of this province.”

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