Construction accident on campus

Late Saturday afternoon outside the Fred Nichols Campus Centre (FNCC), skyjack lift operator Michael Plecidy received an unexpected interruption to his work when the retaining wall supporting the section of walkway he was driving on suddenly gave way.

Neither Plecidy nor any one else were injured during the accident.

Plecidy, a local contractor who has worked on the Laurier campus for six years, stated he has never had an accident like this one with his equipment.

When asked to speculate why he thought the ground had given way, Plecidy stated that improper drainage was most likely the cause, as well as the recent rain softening the ground.

Plecidy also said he felt this could not happen elsewhere on campus.

Special Constables on the scene declined an interview with The Cord, but did state that the lift would be removed immediately, as they had major concerns for safety with it being both Saturday night as well as Halloween.